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We believe collective action can drive change and it is necessary to build a better future, for us and our planet. For this reason, we are hard at work to clean the ocean while empowering our community to contribute concretely to the change we want to see in the world.

Il nostro impegno

Crediamo che un impegno collettivo possa creare un cambiamento duraturo e costruire un futuro migliore per noi e per il nostro pianeta. Per questo motivo, ogni giorno supportiamo la nostra flotta di pescatori nella loro attività di raccolta dei rifiuti marini e incoraggiamo la nostra community a contribuire attivamente alla nostra missione.

Where we started,
where we are going.

How we do it

We clean the ocean by collecting marine litter and actively tracking our progress every day.

kg of marine litter collected so far. We are working towards retrieving and disposing of 1.534.000 kg by 2024

How much are 1.534.000 kg?

How much are 1.534.000 kg?

The capacity of 7 Colosseums filled with plastic bottles.

We empower local communities by directly supporting their fishing activity.

are the fishermen currently involved in the removal of marine waste. We are in the process of expanding our network to meet our goal in 2024.

A day with our fishermen

On each fishing trip they take, our paid network of fishermen are committed to collecting as much marine litter as possible.

Watch "Una Giornata In Mare"

How Does It Work?

Join our mission
to clean the ocean
while empowering our network of fishermen.

By contributing to our mission, you will have the chance to help build a more sustainable future while creating better opportunities for our network of fishermen in Brazil, Indonesia and Italy.

Benefit Corporation and Innovative Startup with a Social Goal

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